Deminique Cole

Realism Painter- Portrait, Figure, Still Life Maine

Deminique Cole is a fine art realism oil painter born in 1991 in Rockland, Maine where she also currently resides. Cole studied at and graduated from The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester from 2010-2014, where she obtained her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. Prior to that, Cole enrolled in studies to learn traditional drawing and painting techniques. The techniques of which were taught by the local Maine artist Ronald Frontin, and held at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland.
Cole’s preferred subject matter are portraits, figures, and the occasional still life. Loving the challenge of capturing the subtle nuances and beauty of skins’ varying tones, colors, and textures; Cole is drawn to portraits and figures for their instinctual social aspects, and level of difficulty. Cole enjoys painting still lifes for their classical nature, and often ‘memento mori’ undertones.
Cole is influenced by art from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Mannerist eras. Artists in particular from those eras include Caravaggio, Bernini, and Pontormo. Contemporary artists that influence her include Odd Nerdrum, Richard T. Scott, Adam Miller, Seth Haverkamp, and Jenny Saville.
Cole’s first series that she produced her senior year at NHIA (2013-2014) was themed around romantic loss and death. Shakespearean plays, and the personal circumstances of the individuals portrayed were the inspiration for the series. The draped white fabric seen in each painting was an element chosen to connect them both visibly and symbolically together. Cole’s current works can be categorized into two unfinished series. The first unfinished series is comprised of large scale portraits of her beloved boyfriend. The second is a compilation of small scale, short timed, and from life portrait studies. The subjects of the compilation include family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.


New Hampshire Institute of Art




Group, Annual Bachelors of Fine Arts Student Exhibition, NHIA - Manchester, NH


Group, Ronald Frontin & Friends; Maine Perspectives, Keag River Gallery - South Thomaston, ME


Group, Summer Representation, Gallery 440 - Rockland, ME


Group, NHIA Alumni Exhibition, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts - Rochester, NH


Oil painting Figurative Portraiture Realism


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